Why shop at sears?

Top 5 reasons to Shop at Sears:

5. Numerous locations throughout the country.
4. Lots of brands to choose from.
3. They service what they sell.
2. Seasonal sales can really save you money.
It’s where America shops!

It would be hard to design a better store than Sears. Imagine one place where all of our lawn and garden needs could be met - from new equipment to replacement parts and accessories. Add a skilled service department at most locations, and you have a real winner!

Everyone is familiar with Sears - it is a true American icon. The Craftsman brand is a classic. Many people might not realize Sears also sells some of the best equipment offered from other manufactures ( Husqvarna, for instance).

The seasonal promotional sales can be impressive, too.

Sears has the advantage of selling the tools you will need to repair your machine. Need engine oil, blades, trimmer line? Sears can help. ‘One stop shopping’ has its advantages!

Of course, most items are available for order on line.

Take me to Sears, and let the shopping begin!

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