Lawn Mower Repair -
Some Help With Maintenance

Lawn mower repair starts with a tune up.

The thought of tuning up your lawn mower can be a little intimidating, especially for those who are not mechanically inclined. Lucky for you, we have prepared some easy to follow videos that provide step by step instructions for the beginner.

You may wish to start with our “Hollywood style” introduction, which has absolutely no useful information about your mower ( We are proud of the special effects, though!). There are videos covering the different tasks involved in a usual tune up of a Briggs and Stratton engine, so you can find help for what you are looking for easily. .

Topics include how to change your spark plug, replace your air filter, cleaning your deck (how to tip your mower over properly), changing the oil, and replacing the cutting blade.

Prefer to have a full color, printed hard copy, with easy to follow step by step instructions? Download the E book for your convenience. The format is PDF, so it is easy to print and carry the information to where you need it the most. Links to the free instructional videos mentioned above are also included. Visit the Bookstore for details. .

Searching for specifications, like how much oil to use in your engine? Check out the links to the major engine manufacturers for more information. .

Briggs and Statton



For those of you that believe preventing problems is always better than fixing them later, take a look at our easy to print storage checklist. The format is PDF, so you can print and take where you need it!

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