An option to check for adequate fuel getting to the engine would be to use starter fluid. This is available at any auto parts store.

Starer fluid is sprayed into the carburetor directly (after the air filter has been removed). If the engine starts and runs for several seconds after starter fluid is sprayed into the engine, then there is a problem with the fuel system.

If you have a 2 stroke engine ( where oil is mixed with the gas), starter fluid should probably not be used. Since the starter fluid contains no lubricating oil as your gas / fuel mix does, you could damage the engine if it is used too many times. Instead, use a small amount ( about 1/2 teaspoon) of gas/ oil mix introduced directly into the carburetor.

To get starter fluid into the engine, the air filter must be removed.

Watch the video to see how to remove the air filter on your lawn mower.

Please be careful! Gasoline and starter fluid are extremely flammable ( and dangerous)!

If water has been mixed with the gas, the entire system will probably need to be drained. Start with the gas tank. Using a small hose, siphon the gasoline into a safe container for later disposal. Using a glass container is a bad idea. Ditto for plastic containers - the gas might dissolve some types of plastic.

After the tank has been drained, consider using a shop rag pushed into the tank to remove every bit of water. If course, remove the rag from the tank when you are done.

Draining the stale gasoline ( or water) from the carburetor may also be required. Many lawn mowers use a float bowl carburetor. By loosening the drain plug ( if so equipped) or the mounting bolt ( on the bottom of the bowl) the contents should be drained easily. Remember, the carburetor is always located near the air filter - usually directly behind the air filter.

Dispose of the gas you have drained in a safe manner. Besides being very flammable ( even when stale), gasoline will kill any plant life it is exposed to ( so don’t pour it on the grass!).

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