Troy Bilt Leaf Blower Review
Finding the best Leaf Blower

Troy Bilt Leaf Blower

Engine options
- 7.5 to 12 amp electric motor
- 25cc, 27cc 2 stroke engine
- 32cc 4 cycle engine

Price range: About $34.00 to $179.00

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Troy Bilt is a well known brand name, that has earned a good reputation among homeowners and light commercial operators. The Troy Bilt leaf blower is no exception to the rule, with stylish models that are priced right for the average Joe.

Models are available for a variety of needs, from the lightweight electric blowers to the heavier gas powered machines.

The Troy Bilt Leaf Blower TB180B has the great combination of low proce and lightweight. An electric blower powered by a 7.5 amp electric motor, this basic machine will produce 180 Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) with a wind velocity of 150 Miles per Hour (MPH). This little pup does not vacuum or shred, but the price is an unbeatable $35.00 for this nice machine.

Want a basic machine without the hassles of an electrical cord?

The model TBHB57 may be just right for you. The secret to this portable little beast is the 20 volt lithium ion battery, which will charge faster and last longer than older battery types. A 2 year warranty is an added plus for a blower that produces 135 CFM and 100 MPH air flow. The price is a reasonable $50.00.

Okay, so you are the type that will demand the most in versatility out of your electric Troy Bilt leaf blower. You want a machine that will blow, vacuum, and shred, to maximize the yard time in every season. The model TB197BV has you covered, with a 12 amp electric motor that produces 450 CFM and 240 MPH wind. The reduction ratio for shredded leaves is an impressive 20:1, meaning 20 bushels of leaves are reduced into just 1 bushel of shredded material ready for the compost heap! A vacuum kit is included, of course, making this a great deal at $60.00.

Sometimes the blower/ vac combo requires a larger bag, for the really big jobs. The Troy Bilt Leaf Blower model TB125QS has a 3/4 bushel bag, with a 10:1 reduction ratio. The electric motor is again the 12 amp variety. Maximum air flow is 425 CFM and 150 MPH. The price is $90.00.

Now for the gas powered hand held Troy-Bilt leaf blower lineup. There are 2 models to choose from, depending if you prefer a 2 stroke or 4 stroke engine. Model TB2BV EC comes equipped with a 25cc 2 cycle engine that has the option for an external electric starter. The airflow velocity is rated at 150 MPH, with a nice 450 CFM airflow volume. When used as a vacuum, the reduction ratio is 10:1, translating into a tidy one bushel of shredded dry leaves from a pile of 10 bushels of intact leaves. Like all the blowers in the Troy-Bilt line, this machine carries a 2 year warranty. The price is $150.00.

Model TB4HB EC has a 25cc four cycle engine, so there is no need to mix oil with the gas. This engine will have cleaner emissions and better fuel economy also. The airflow speed and volume remain exactly the same, with 150 MPH and 450 CFM. A vacuum kit is not available for this model. The price is a respectable $180.00.

There are times in a person’s life when the yearning to hitch up the ‘ole backpack and blow some serious air strikes. Troy-Bilt has you covered with 2 backpack leaf blower designs. Model TB2BP EC is powered by a 27cc full crank 2 cycle engine. The full crank design allows for better engine life and performance. This baby can move some air - 500 CFM at 150 MPH! The standard 2 year limited warranty applies, and the price of $200.00 is more than reasonable.

Prefer a 4 cycle backpack blower? Model TB2BP EC has a 32cc 4 cycle engine, that boosts performance to the best Troy-Bilt has to offer in the backpack design. This baby throws 525 CFM at 160 MPH, so keep any small dogs indoors when this beast is cranked up. The price is about $230.00.

If you need a wheeled leaf blower, Troy-Bilt has you covered with Model TB 672, which is described as a ‘Jet Sweep Leaf Blower’. The frame is supported by 8 inch front wheels, and 12 inch rear wheels. A 205 cc overhead valve Briggs and Stratton engine powers the impeller, that delivers enough wind to be detected on the local television weather satellite - 1000 CFM and 175 MPH. Wherever you take this machine, the locals will name a hurricane after you! Consider spending $400.00 for this wind machine.

Troy Bilt makes a well priced machine with some excellent features.

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