Stihl String Trimmer Review
Finding the best String Trimmer

Stihl String Trimmer

Engine options
- 27.2cc, 28.4cc, 31.4cc, 36.3cc, 40.2cc 2 cycle low emission engine

Cutting Head
String Head with bump feed
- ’Polycut” plastic blades
- Steel cutting blade

Price range:
About $190.00 to $520.00

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There is no better machine on the market today than the Stihl string trimmer. The Stihl company is truly unique, with manufacturing facilities on most continents of the world producing legendary power equipment. The German engineering and dedication to quality are unsurpassed.

Here is something you may not know - this world-wide company remains family owned. Yes, there is a Mr. Stihl, and he is a very, very picky man. As long as his name is on the products sold by his company, he will demand the highest in quality and service.

Stihl string trimmer are sold through factory trained servicing dealers. This is an important fact, as anyone who has purchased a string trimmer through an outlet store, only to find the service expertise is sorely lacking when needed. The Stihl products have a very good warranty. The shatter resistant covers have been smoothed to avoid sharp angles that can snag on clothing or landscaping. The control cables are enclosed. Every engine has a long life cylinder design, with proven durability.

The Stihl string trimmer product line is divided into the Occasional Use Trimmers ( The ‘Homescaper Series), versus trimmers designed for professional use. Of course, the professional models come with a higher price tag, but are more powerful and versatile with the option of gear-box attachments.

The Stihl string trimmer Model FS 40 C-E is a typical curved flexible shaft trimmer designed for the homeowner. It is powered by the same 27.2cc low emission engine as all of the trimmers in the Homescaper series. The choke lever is semi-automatic, which helps prevent engine flooding when trying to start the cold engine. The stop switch returns to the start position when released, avoiding the frustrating scenario of trying to start a trimmer that has the stop switch in the ‘off’ position ( this is much more common than you might think!) The cutting head is Stihl’s standard ‘TapAction’ 2 line bump feed cutting head. The price for this sweet basic homeowner machine is $190.00.

The Stihl string trimmer Models FS 45 and FS 46 are other curved flexible shaft trimmers designed for the homeowner. It is powered by the same 27.2cc low emission engine as all of the trimmers in the Homescaper series.Model FS 46 features a curved shaft which is about 8 inches longer than Model FS 45. This helps avoid fatigue in taller operators. The cutting head is either Stihl’s standard ‘TapAction’ 2 line bump feed cutting head. A trio of plastic cutting blades is another option ( the polycut head). This welterweight weighs in at 9.3 lbs. The price for this dynamic duo is about $180.00.

Starting with Model FS 55 R straight shafts rule. It is powered by the same 27.2cc low emission engine as all of the trimmers in the Homescaper series. This is the lowest cost straight shaft trimmer Stihl offers. A loop handle is adjustable on the cutting shaft to allow for perfect balance. Since this is a straight shaft trimmer, a variety of cutting heads are available to include “TapAction’ string head, with optional heads with plastic or steel blades for more serious brush cutting. The weight without cutting head is 10.6 lbs. Count on spending about $200.00.

Stihl string trimmer Models FS 56 C-E and FS 56 RC-E continue the trend of excellent straight shaft trimmers. The 56 C-E features a bicycle style handle, with a support strap to hold the weight of the trimmer ( (11.2 lbs) on your back, not your arms. The engine is the same 27.2cc low emission engine as all of the trimmers in the Homescaper series. Take your choice of semi-automatic string , plastic blade, or steel blade on the business end of this cool machine. The model 56 RC-E has the standard loop-style handle. Count on spending about $240.00 for the loop handle version, and about $280.00 for the bicycle handle variety.

It is time to put on the safety goggles and insert the ear protection. Starting with Stihl Model FS 70 RC-E, we are entering the realm of professional machines. As with the other models, Stihl does professional trimmers better than most. This lowest price professional machine is powered by the 27.2cc two cycle engine with a forged connecting rod, turning a straight cable drive that carries a lifetime warranty. The gear box head has four bearings. The cutting head is semi-automatic tap style head. The trimmer as a whole carries a 2 year warranty, and goes for about $280.00.

The Model FS 90 Bike Handle and FS 90 R trimmers continue the trend for commercial level trimmers. These models are the first to have a larger engine size - 28.4cc low emission 2 stroke design. The straight drive shaft is solid, allowing for steel cutting blades to be attached when needed. This series of machines also accepts interchangeable gearbox attachments. This extra power means a slightly increased weight - 12.1 lbs not counting the cutting attachment. A shoulder strap helps to hold the weight, and is especially important with the bicycle handle version. This dynamic duo will set you back about $340.00 For the bicycle handle version, and about $300.00 for the loop handle configuration.

For those looking for a professional grade trimmer that drives a cutting head exclusively designed for cutting line ( no blade attachments), Model FS 100 RX fills the bill. The engine is the larger 31.4cc low emission 2 stroke engine powers this surprising light work horse, at 10.4 lbs. Gear box attachments are not available for this machine. The price is about $340.00.

The Stihl string trimmerModels FS 110 Bike Handle and FS 110 R are another dynamic duo, powered by the 31.4cc engine. These hotshots are able to accept gearbox attachments. The bicycle handled version has a shoulder strap to help reduce operator fatigue when used over long periods of time. The straight shaft is solid steel. All of tis power translates into a higher weight, of 12.8 lbs. All of this power is affordable, with the Bike Handle priced at $400.00, and the loop handle $370.00.

The word ‘hefty’ comes to mind when describing the Stihl Models FS 130 Bike Handle and FS 130 R trimmers. The engine has been upgraded to 36.3 cc, and remains low emission. These trimmers will accept a steel blade, and other gearbox attachments. This is one serious pair of machines, with solid drive shafts and low vibration design. The weight is a reasonable 13 lbs for the bicycle handle design, and about 12.3 lbs for the loop handle variety. All of this power does not come cheap - count on laying down $430.00 for the bicycle handle or $400.00 for the loop handle.

Representing the King of the Stihl mountain of outstanding products, Models FS 250 Bike Handle and FS 250 R simply cannot be equalled. The engine is a massive 40.2cc 2 stroke, which refuses to be bogged down in heavy grass or brush. No wonder - the engine size is about the same as a mid-sized chainsaw! The carburetor is an automatic compensating design, with a large pleated air filter. The weight is just under 14 lbs for either model, with the price for the bicycle handle model $500.00 and the loop handle $520.00.

No matter which model you choose, the Stihl string trimmer line is hard to beat. Legendary quality, unsurpassed engineering, and the unequalled orange and white coloring combine to make Stihl the best!

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