Shindaiwa String Trimmer Review
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Shindaiwa String Trimmer

Engine options
- 23.9cc, 24.5cc, 28.9cc, 34cc “Hybrid” 2 cycle low emission engine

Cutting Head
- Heavy-duty fixed line
- High Profile
- Speed-Feed semi automatic

Price range: About $300.00 - $420.00

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Shindaiwa string trimmers are not the usual high quality product you would expect from Kapan. This company has taken excellence to a new level by developing a hybrid engine that reduces emissions, while increasing performance.

This was accomplished by adding an intake and exhaust valve to the engine, much like a 4 cycle engine. Here’s the rub - the engine is lubricated with a fuel/oil mix, just like a 2 cycle engine. The result is a product with lower weight than a 4 cycle engine (since there is no oil reservoir to contend with), and a smoother power curve than a 2 cycle engine.

Shindaiwa trimmers are not meant for the ‘Big Box’ retailers. These machines are built for the serious homeowner and commercial user in mind. Most models may be equipped with a steel cutting blade, for instance, and all but one model has a straight shaft.

The Shindaiwa string trimmer product line starts with Model T242, a curved shaft trimmer that is powered by the 23.9cc 2 stroke engine (not the Hybrid style engine). The drive shaft is solid steel, with a weight of 11.7 lbs. The price for this top of the line homeowner machine is about $300.00. Need something that will cut brush also? Model T242X is the identical machine, with a blade ready set up for the really tough grasses. The price increases to $320.00.

The Shindaiwa Model T254 is powered by a 24.5 cc Hybrid engine. This baby gets up and moves, with less noise and fuel consumption. Handle mounts have vibration dampening. Weight is a reasonable 12.6 lbs, and the MSRP is $360.00.

Model T282 returns to the standard 2 cycle engine, with a displacement of 28.8cc. The drive shaft is solid steel, with a total unit weight of 13.4 lbs. This trimmer was made for a string head in mind. Plan on spending $400.00. If a steel head is desired, the nearly identical Model T282X has you covered. The price is increased to $410.00.

The biggest, baddest Shindaiwa string trimmer is Model T344. In this case, the “T” stands for tough. Consider the 34 cc Hybrid engine, kept in control with vibration reducing handle mounts. All this power increases the weight, to 15 lbs. Of course you can convert this to a brushcutter with an optional kit. The price for all this Hybrid glory is a reasonable $420.00.

Shindaiwa makes an excellent trimmer, with some of the most innovative technology around. This brand is well known for durability and style.

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