Scag ZTR Review
Finding the best Zero Turn Radius lawn mower

Scag ZTR

Engine options
- 17, 19 HP Kawasaki twin cylinder overhead valve 4 stroke engine
- 20, 26 HP Briggs and Stratton twin cylinder overhead valve 4 stroke engine

- Dual Hydro-Gear ZT-2800 transmissions with spin on filters( one on each drive wheel)

Deck Options
- 36” deck ( 2 blade)
- 48” deck ( 3 blade)
- 52” deck ( 3 blade)

Frame construction
- Fully welded tubular steel

- Adjustable lap bars with gas dampers

Setting the deck height
- Foot pedal

Power Take Off (PTO)
- Electric

- Fully adjustable padded seat with arm rests

Country of Manufacture

Visit the manufacture’s web site!

You might not immediately think of Scag when considering a new ZTR mower. This is probably a mistake, since Scag builds some of the best ZTR mowers in the industry. Primarily aimed towards the professional market, the company has designed a top of the line homeowner model with some fantastic features.

Scag traces it’s roots to the year 1983. The mowers were built in Mayville Wisconsin by the Metalcraft Company. The first model was gear driven. By 1986, the Metalcraft Company bought Scag, and started to expand the mower line. Over 50 different products are sold currently. The quality of these machines is simply fantastic. It is no wonder it has become the largest independent manufacturer of mowers in the USA.

The front axles on the entire line is pivoting fabricated steel. This is standard on most homeowner ZTR mowers

The frames on all the models is fully welded tube steel ( no bolts and nuts to come loose, compromising the frame strength), which gives added strength and stability.

The Freedom Z is the lowest priced machine offered by this company, and is considered a top of the line homeowner mower. Everything about this machine is heavy duty, from the fabricated steel cutting deck to the industrial grade wiring harness. The Freedom Z is really a commercial unit disguised as a homeowner machine.

The Freedom Z offers a choice between twin cylinder overhead valve (OHV) engines. Start with a Kawasaki 17 or 19 HP engine. If you need more power, the Briggs and Stratton 20 or 26 HP engines will have you (and tour lawn) covered. All the engines feature a pressurized oil system, with a replaceable oil filter. The lap bars controlling speed and direction are padded and adjustable. Steering dampers to smooth out the turns come standard.

The Freedom Z has an electric PTO to engage the cutting blades, which is activated by flipping a switch. The cutting deck is fabricated out of fabricated steel. Adjusting the deck height is accomplished by a foot lever.

Cutting deck width is either 36”, 48”, or 52”. All deck widths come with triple Marbain blades for the best cut possible. The spindles are heavy duty no maintenance design. Anti scalp rollers help prevent unsightly brown spots in uneven terrain.

The seat is fully adjustable. The padded arm rests come standard, and a retractable seat belt is provided for safety. A husky roll bar adds nice insurance for the operator when mowing the green hills of summer.

It is not unusual for the premium ZTR manufacturers to ask potential customers to contact a dealer for pricing. This is no exception - no prices are offered on their website. Count on spending top dollar for these machines - the quality of this ZTR is well worth the price!

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