Mascot Reel Gang Mowers Review
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Mascot Reel Gang Mowers

- Reel Options
- 3 reels ( 58 inch cutting width)
- 5 reels ( 6 foot 10 inch cutting width)

Cutting height
- 1 Inch to 3 inches

Turning Radius
- Zero Turn Radius ( All Models)

Cutting Reel Diameter
21 inches

Number of Blades
- 6 ( all models)

Required Horsepower to Pull
- 7 HP ( 3 Reels)
- 10 HP ( 5 Reels)

- 12 gauge steel

Price range:
About $2395.00

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Mascot Gang mowers are replicas of the popular Agri-Fab mowers of years past. Now manufactured in China, the design has essentially remained the same. The mowers are inspected and adjusted in the United States before being shipped to the customer.

Mascot Reel mowers have fewer model options than ProMow, and are more suited to homeowner use than commercial applications..

The Mascot Model 358 gang mower has 3 cutting reels mounted on a sturdy frame. Total width of cut is 58”. Cutting height varies from 1 inch to 3 inches. This unit requires 7HP to pull, and will cut an acre in about 25 minutes Count on spending $2,395.00.

The Mascot mowers have the option of adding 2 more reels on to the basic frame. Maximum cutting speed remains about 4MPH, which is standard for any make of gang reel mower on the market today.

The Mascot features a proven design at a competitive price.

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