Kawasaki String Trimmer Review
Finding the best String Trimmer

Kawasaki String Trimmer

Engine options
- 2 cycle 25.4cc, 26.3cc, 0r 34.4cc engine displacement

Cutting Head
- String Head
- Steel cutting blade ( optional)

Country of Manufacture

Price range:
About $240.00 to $400.00

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The Kawasaki String Trimmer helps let the good times roll ( to steal an ad line used by Kawasaki in the 1970’s).

Like many of it’s Japanese string trimmer competitors, Kawasaki is a large company that makes a full line of equipment, from motorcycles, ATV’s, and lawn and garden products. All of that engineering experience comes in handy when designing a world class string trimmer.

Purchasing a Kawasaki string trimmer is easy, thanks to a broad dealer network. Kawasaki makes several trimmer models designed to meet the tough California emission requirements. These models are are easy to identify - they all end with the letter ‘C’. The ‘C’ machines are only available for sale in California, and tend to cost more.

Every Kawasaki trimmer is designed with one principle in mind - keep the weight down, and the quality high. To that end, Kawasaki trimmers feature a hollow drive shaft on the straight shaft models. This innovative design reduces weight while maintaining durability.

Two of the Kawasaki string trimmer models are flex shaft design. The price is lower, since these are lighter-duty models.

The Kawasaki trimmer models KTF27A and KTF 27AC are both equipped with 26.3cc two cycle engines. The handle is the loop style, which is fully adjustable on the shaft drive casing tube. Both models weight in at 10.8 lbs. Since they are flex shafts, there is no option for attaching a blade or other handy attachments Kawasaki offers. The standard model KTF27A costs a reasonable $240.00. If you live in California, count on spending $330.00 for the lower emissions model.

The Kawasaki model KGT27B Is powered by 26.3cc two cycle engine. This straight shaft trimmer has the hollow shaft design that defines all the Kawasaki string trimmers. The loop handle is variable position on the shaft for precise balance. Attachments are an option, but the steel blade cannot be used with this trimmer. The weight is a reasonable 10.2 lbs. The price is about $280.00.

A close cousin, the Kawasaki model KGT26AC Is powered by 25.4cc two cycle engine. This straight shaft trimmer also has the hollow shaft design. The loop handle is variable position. Attachments are also an option, but the steel blade cannot be used with this trimmer, either. The weight remains competitive at 10.8 lbs. The price is about $390.00, and is only available in California.

A very sweet machine, the Kawasaki model KBL27B and KBL27BC comes with the 26.3cc two cycle engine, and hollow solid shaft drive. The adjustable loop handle also features a safety bar, which will come in handy when attaching the optional steel blade for heavy brush cutting. The weight is a reasonable 10.8 lbs. The cost of this beauty is about $325.00, unless you want the Califronia-compliant model, which costs $370.00.

Moving up in the category of engine size and increased performance, the Kawasaki model KGT35A sports a 34.4cc two cycle engine with hollow drive straight shaft that helps reduce weight. The weight is a surprising 13.2 lbs. No blade or attachments can be used with this model. All of this power and performance costs extra - count on spending about $400.00 for this

At the high end of the Kawasaki string trimmer offerings, the Kawasaki model KBL35A is again powered by the hefty 34.4cc two cycle engine, equipped with loop handle and safety bar to handle the optional steel blade with ease. This is the trimmer heavy brush has nightmares about, but the optional attachments will need to look elsewhere. The cost is about $400.00.

The Kawasaki String Trimmer line features several different models suited for the homeowner to the professional. This is well built line of equipment that is sure to please.

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