Honda Lawn Mower Review
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Honda Lawn Mower

Available Deck Materials
- Cast Aluminum
- Stamped steel

Engine Options
- 4 cycle overhead valve (OHV) engine

Deck Options
- Mulching
- Side discharge
- Rear bagging

Safety Features
- Blade clutch (optional)
- Blade brake
- Quite muffler
- Ergonomic handle design

Propel Options
- Push
- Variable speed self propel

Country of Manufacture

Price range:,
About $400.00 - $900.00

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The Honda lawn mower was introduced into the United States in the 1980’s, and took the country by storm. Riding on a wave of deserved popularity from quality automobiles of the same name, these mowers soon became a favorite everywhere.

Honda was the first company to mass produce an overhead valve lawn mower engine. This was standard equipment from the start, and the benefits of greater horsepower, reduced fuel consumption, and decreased engine noise were soon recognized. Today, all the major lawn mower engine manufacturers offer at least one overhead valve engine design. Many mower manufacturers use Honda engines.

Safety has always been emphasized with this brand, with a choice of standard ‘blade brake’ systems, as well as higher end blade clutch designs which allow the engine to continue to run while the cutting blade remains stationary.

The HRS model series is lower cost, featuring a steel deck, side grass discharge, and no self propel.

The HRR series has more advanced features, such as self propel, optional blade clutch system, and a dual blade cutting system.

Top of the line is the HRX series. Cast aluminum decks, rear bagging, hydrostatic transmission are featured, making this a ‘luxury mower’.

Most customers that purchase a Honda mower buy another in the future, based on high satisfaction.

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