Homelite Leaf Blower Review
Finding the best Leaf Blower

Homelite Leaf Blower

Price range: About $35.00 to $80.00

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The Homelite Leaf Blower is a member of the Homelite family of outdoor machines, built and priced for the homeowner. There are several models to choose from, to include three electric machines, and 2 gas-powered models.

The distinctive red color and low cost makes these machines a favorite of the occasional user.

The Homelite Blower Model UT42100 is powered by a 7 amp motor, with 2 speeds to match the intensity of the job at hand. This is incredibly lightweight, at 4.9 lbs! The air velocity is 120 or 150 MPH, depending on the speed of the motor. A cool looking rear handle grip is well positioned to reduce fatigue and wrist strain. Since this is only a sweeper, no vacuum attachments are available. The cost of this sweeper is about $35.00.

For those homeowners looking for a blower that can also act as a vacuum, Homelite offers model UT42120 which sports a 12 amp electric motor that has 2 speeds, delivering either 150 or 220 MPH air speeds. There is an easy change from blower to vacuum, and collection bags are included as a standard feature. The styling on this machine is especially nice, looking as though it belongs on the movie set of a science fiction movie. Your neighbors are sure to turn there heads as you work the yard with this blower priced at about $45.00.

Leading the way with the gas powered Homelite Blowers is model UT09521 , which is powered by a powerful 2 stroke engine that has a reduced noise level thanks to a design that directs exhaust flow down the tube. The air flow is rated at 150 MPH and 400 CFM. Count on spending about $80.00.

Rounding out the Homelite line of leaf blowers is model UT09523 . This machine is powered by the same 2 stroke engine, but has additional features to include a wet leaf nozzle for more efficient blowing, producing an air volume of 400 CFM, with a speed of either 150 or 200 MPH. The weight is a reasonable 9.6 lbs. Count on spending about $80.00.

The Little Homelite Leaf Blower line is cool to look at, and a joy to use. These machines are built to last and perform! Return to Compare Leaf Blowers from Homelite Leaf Blower Review