How Your Engine Works!

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is H. Andy Power, and I have worked with engines for over 25 years.

Over time, I have taught the basics of engine operation to more people than I can remember.

In fact, 20 years ago I taught small engine repair at a local community college. Many of my students repaired engines for a living after my classes. Now I would like to teach you

This book is based on lectures I used when teaching my students all those years ago. I am convinced I can teach you about engines, too!

If you are interested in how an internal combustion engine works, this is the book for you!

How does an engine work, anyway?

Life is full of internal combustion engines. They are everywhere! Engines power our cars, trucks, busses, and trains. An outboard motor would be impossible without an engine, and of course most lawnmowers are powered by small internal combustion engines.

Have you ever wondered what makes an engine tick? Who invented the first engines, and what were they used for?

All the answers can be found in a single, easy to read Electronic Book (E Book), which is only a few mouse clicks away.

Published for the first time in 2008 this fine volume covers the basics of engine design and operation. A partial list of topics covered includes:

Internal versus external combustion ( Page 11)
Engine components ( Chapter 2)
Engine types : two stroke, four stroke, and diesel ( Chapter 3)
How a Magneto ignition system makes electricity without using a battery or an alternator! ( Chapter 4)
Fuel systems ( Chapter 5)
Compression ( Chapter 6)
Lubrication ( Chapter 7)

...And much, much more!!!

This fun, informative book is packed with over 36 full color illustrations that make difficult ideas easy to understand. This book was written for the beginner. The writing style is easy to read, without a bunch of technical ‘mumbo jumbo’!


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Imagine the satisfaction of finally understanding how an engine works. Your friends and family will be impressed with acquired expert knowledge on basic engine design and operation.

The secrets explained include:

How a small engine generates its own electricity (Page 60).

How a carburetor venturi works ( and why it is like an airplane wing ( Page 91)

The mystery of Octane - revealed! (Page 104)

How the use of polymers in engine oil revolutionized the automotive world (Page 128)

- Changing voltage using a transformer (Page 64)

Why a diesel engine has no spark plug or carburetor (Page 42)

ALL OF THIS AND MORE is included in this one fun, easy to read E-book.

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