The Lawn Mower Parts Store

There are times when lawn mower parts mean everything! A broken mower is a useless mower.

At some point, everyone needs replacement parts for their lawn mower, lawn tractor / riding mower, or string trimmer. Finding the lawn mower parts you need can be challenge. Here are some tips that can make the job a little easier.

OEM Vs. After Market Parts

Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts” (OEM for short) are the highest quality - and cost. These are the cream of the crop, built to the exacting specifications and standards of the manufacturer.

“After Market” parts are made by a variety of manufacturers, usually overseas. In theory, the same specifications as OEM parts are used. In some cases, the quality of the materials is lower. Most of the time, after market parts perform just fine.

Why buy After Market parts? The cost is usually significantly lower than OEM parts.

You decide - the highest quality OEM parts which are more expensive, or more economical After Market parts.

Finding the elusive model and type numbers

Start your search for lawn mower parts by identifying the correct part numbers. You will need to determine the model ( and type) of the equipment you need parts for. In some cases, the engine manufacturer is different from the equipment it is mounted on.

Example: Bob owns a Toro lawn mower, which is powered by a Briggs and Stratton engine. If he needs a new throttle cable, Bob would search for Toro parts. If his engine needs repair, then he would search under Briggs and Stratton.

Because every rule has an exception, sometimes the equipment and engine manufacturer are the same. A prime example is Honda lawn mowers. Sears is also an exception, since they often identify the mower engine with their own unique model number, and often do not use the usual engine manufacturer’s model and type.

Different engine brands locate model and type numbers in various places. Briggs and Stratton and Tecumseh usually stamp the number in the engine shroud. Kohler may use an identification plate. Honda lawn mowers are a bit more complicated....

Buying Parts

Okay - you have decided on OEM versus After Market parts. With model and type numbers in hand, you have looked over the parts breakdown diagram and found the needed part numbers.

There are a few choices at this point. Do you want to purchase your parts from a