White Outdoor Lawn Mower Review
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White Outdoor Lawn Mower

Available Deck Materials
- Stamped steel

Engine Options
- Briggs and Stratton 4 cycle side valve engine, Kohler 4 cycle overhead valve (OHV) engine

Deck Options
- Mulching
- Side discharge
- Rear bagging (some models)

Safety Features
- Blade brake

Propel Options
- Push
- Single speed self propel

Country of Manufacture

Price range:,
About $220.00 - $270.00

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White Outdoor lawn mowers are one of the several brands manufactured by the MTD company. These mowers were made with price in mind. Despite the low cost, white Outdoor brand has features seen on more expensive brands, such as a front wheel drive self propel available on some models. A Kohler overhead valve 4 cycle engine is an option, as well as a standard side valve 4 cycle Briggs and Stratton engine..

There are four models in the White Outdoor lawn mower lineup. All have stamped steel decks, with a blade brake equipped standard. Two of the models are “3 in 1”, allowing for mulch, side discharge, or rear bagging of the grass clippings. The other two models offer mulch or side discharge..

The lowest cost White Outdoor mower is the W54K1 , weighing in at about $220.00. Sporting a Kohler overhead valve (OHV) engine mounted an a red and white stamped steel deck, this mower represents real value. The 3 in 1 option provides good versatility in different mowing situations. More expensive features, such as self propel and a blade brake system are not on this machine, in an effort to keep the cost down. The model W439R is a similar machine equipped with a side valve Briggs and Stratton engine, which sells for about $20.00 more than the lowest cost machine in the line.

There are two front wheel drive mowers offered by this company. Of interest, both are incapable of rear bagging. Grass clippings are either mulched or discharged from the side. The model W52K1 has a Kohler OHV engine on a steel deck. A blade brake is standard. The Model W529R is powered by a side valve Briggs and Stratton engine. These mowers retail for about $260.00 - $270.00, making them a good value for those on a tight budget.

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