Tru-Cut Reel Mowers Review
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Engine options
- 4.75 HP Briggs and Stratton GT single cylinder side valve 4 stroke engine
- 5.0 HP Honda single cylinder overhead valve 4 stroke engine

Propel options
- Roller Drive
- Powered reel wheels (“Wheel Drive”)

Drive clutch
- Dual automotive type clutches

Reel Options
- 5, 7, or 10 blade reels
- 20”, 25”, or 27” cutting width

Frame construction
- Heavy duty
- Solid dual shore swivel casters in front of mower

Cutting height adjustment
- Single hand lever raise or lowers the roller wheels on both sides
- Cutting range 1/2” to 2 1/4”

Blade engagement
- Reel and wheel drive clutch lever
- Manual wheel drive button on handle (variable speed based on pressure applied)

- Polyethylene catcher ( frame attached, standard)
- Sulky attachment with hitch- Speed reducer kit ( 25 and 27 inch models)- Front roller ( 20, 25, and 27 inch models, replaces casters)

Country of Manufacture

Price range:
Prices were not listed on the website - call for pricing.

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Tru-Cut was founded in 1953, and incorporated in 1973. Operations have been based in Los Angeles. The company was originally a branch of the Starlite Manufacturing Company, which made lawn mower and aerospace products.

Tru-Cut makes a great mower. Catering mainly to commercial buyers, homeowners with high expectations have also contributed to company growth in recent years.

Be aware that no reel mower will cut tall grasses and weeds efficiently. For lawn areas that are consistently taller than 3-4 inches, a rotary type lawn mower will provide better performance. If you wish to maintain a short, well manicured lawn that looks great, there is no substitute for a power reel mower.

Tru-Cut reel mowers use the ‘front throw’ design. The grass clippings are discharged to the font of the mower, keeping the flow of grass away from the operator’s feet.

The frames on all Tru-Cut reel mower models is heavy duty steel. The grass is captured and stored in the front of the mower thanks to the mounted poly catcher.

Tru-Cut mowers are available in 2 basic versions - the commercial and homeowner models. The commercial machines have the option of roller drive or wheel drive. Think of the roller drive as being equipped with two sets of smooth tread dual wheels in the rear of the mower. The wheel drive rear wheels have a deep tread ( all homeowner models are wheel drive). Suffice it to say the commercial mowers have larger engines, more advanced front caster wheels, and a much higher price.

Every self propel Tru-Cut reel mower features dual automotive type clutches, which allows independent engagement of the drive wheels. The mower can be moved without the reel turning. This is an added benefit when loading and unloading the mower from a trailer, or moving the mower out of the garage. Your small pets will thank you for this feature. A convenient button on the left handle allows for speed control from slow to full speed.

Tru-Cut offers 3 models that have a 20 inch cutting width. The lowest priced version, Model H2OR-475 is powered by the standard 4.75 HP Briggs and Stratton TQ engine. The front casters are rigid ( do not swivel). Like all the homeowner models, this machine is a wheel drive.

Next in line is the model H2OS-475 which also sports a 20 inch cutting width. The Briggs and Stratton is identical to it’s cousin model described previously. Why a different model number? This mower comes equipped with swivel casters on the front end, making this sweet machine as easy to maneuver around tight spaces as a bargain hunter at a crowded garage sale.

Model H2O-HS tops it’s 20 inch cutting width cousins, by being powered by the Honda 5HP engine. Swivel casters come standard ( of course).

Next is model H25-H which has a 25 inch cutting width. The top of the line Honda 5 HP engine powers the reel and the rear wheels, making this a top of the line homeowner model. Double swivel casters stand ready at the front of the mower, to give turning performance your lawn is begging for.

Model H27-H has a cutting width of 27 inches, which is the maximum width Tru-Cut offers. It comes equipped with a 5 HP Honda GC engine, which provides plenty of power and is built to last. Double front swivel casters come standard, just like the commercial models. The reel ensures a great cut is seen while moving at a variety of speeds. This machine is ideal for larger lawns, where a commercial grade mower is not needed.

Contact the company directly for pricing for all the Tru-Cut reel mowers, since the website does not include a price sheet.

Most customers that invest in a Tru-Cut reel mower are sold for life. These are superb machines, and will be the envy of the neighbors.

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