Toro Lawn Mower Review
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Toro Lawn Mower

Available Deck Materials
- Cast Aluminum
- Stamped steel

Engine Options
- Honda 4 cycle overhead valve (OHV) engine ( Super Bagger models)
- Briggs and Stratton side valve engine ( Recycler and Super Recycler models)

Deck Options

- Mulching
- Side discharge
- Rear bagging

Safety Features
- Blade clutch (optional)
- Blade brake ( Standard )
- Quite muffler

Propel Options
- Push
- Variable speed self propel

Country of Manufacture

Price range:,
About $320.00 - $700.00

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Toro lawn mower company was founded in 1914. The current headquarters are located in Bloomington, Minnesota. For many decades, the Toro company has provided a solid product for homeowners and commercial customers alike. The fact this company has thrived for almost 100 years is strong testimony to the quality of these machines!

A very large portion of Toro’s revenues are from the commercial products division. These are the machines used by golf courses and city park turf maintenance applications across the globe. Much of this ‘know-how’ has been used when building the homeowner lawn mowers .

Sporting the traditional red and black color scheme for decades, a Toro mower is easy to spot on the green turf. The abundance of older Toro mowers, often seen in garage sales and thrift stores, verifies their durability.

Current Toro lawn mower models reflect differing consumer needs and tastes. Three broad categories are available. The Recycler series is considered an ‘entry level’ mower, with less expensive features. The Super Recycler models are mid range in price and options. Super Bagger models are top of the line, and the highest priced.

First the Recycler Series. These mowers sport a stamped steel deck, and come equipped with Briggs and Stratton side valve engine. A blade brake system is standard ( the engine stops when the handle is released), but a blade clutch is available as an option ( the engine continues to run when the handle is released, but the blade stops). Self propel is an option, as is electric start. A washout port is incorporated into the deck, which allows the use of a garden hose to clean under the deck after mowing.

Next is the Super Recycler Series. A cast aluminum deck is standard, with a side valve Briggs and Stratton engine. A blade clutch system and electric start are available. An advanced variable speed self propel is an option, which changes the speed of the mower to match your pace without having to manually change speeds using a control lever. The deck design allows for more efficient mulching than the basic models in the Recycler Series.

Top of the line is the Super Bagger Series. This is the mower for the serious homeowner. A cast aluminum deck is topped with a Honda OHV engines, which delivers more power and fuel efficiency than the less expensive models. The variable speed self propel is standard. A quick stow storage handle helps with keeping he mower in tight places. As a bonus, this Toro comes with a 5 year guarantee to start!

Most customers that purchase a Toro mower buy another in the future, based on high satisfaction.

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