Mcculloch Leaf Blower Review
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Mcculloch Leaf Blower

Engine options
- 25cc 2 stroke engine

Price range: About $200.00

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Mcculloch Blower represents a long heritage of the Mcculloch name. These machines are the classic yellow color, and are priced with the occasional user in mind. Both models offered by Mcculloch are powered by gas engines, and both are able to shed and contain the leaves when the optional vacuum attachment is used.

The Mcculloch Blower MAC GBV 325 has a number of interesting features, to include a hefty 25cc engine. The engine develops a nice 430 cubic feet per minute (CFM), with an air velocity of about 200 mph. Sound is measured at 103 db, with a weight of 9.4 lbs. The debris ratio is a nice 10:1, meaning 10 bushels of dry leaves will be mulched into 1 bushel volume after passing through the shredder. Count on spending about $200.00 for this nice machine.

The price for this basic homeowner machine is about $585.00.

Next in the Mcculloch Blower lineup is the MAC GBV 345. The engine and weight remain the same, but an improved impeller design translates into a faster air speed (215 mph) and an increased air volume (430 CFM). The mulching ratio has also been improved, increased to 16:1. This will make the largest pile a leaves a small compact mass in no time at all! Vibration is reduced with the use of an anti vibration system. The price remains about $200.00.

Mcculloch makes a well priced machine with some excellent features.

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