Bolens String Trimmer Review
Finding the best String Trimmer

Bolens String Trimmer

Engine options
- 25cc

Cutting Head
String Head with bump feed

Price range:
About $70.00 to $95.00

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The Bolens string trimmer is designed with only one thing in mind - big box stores and homeowners. The price of these machines is unbeatable, and for the occasional use on a small lawn, it may be just what you need. Keep in mind the long term durability of these units may be lacking, but for an affordable option for a rental property, or a summer home when mowing the lawn is not a regular chore, the Bolens trimmer may fit the bill nicely. Bolens is manufactured by the MTD company.

The Bolens trimmer product line consists of 2 trimmers, equipped with the same engines and features. Bolens Model 41BD110G965 is the curved shaft version. The engine is 25cc, two stroke ( which is the most common engine design in the industry today). The flexible shaft drives a bump head, which advances the line when tapped on the ground as the engine is running. No attachments are available, and the warranty is 2 years for homeowner use. The price is unbeatable at $70.00. Look for this bargain trimmer at a big box store near you.

The Bolens trimmer Model 41BD160G965 comes equipped with a straight shaft, which drives the same 16 inch bump head design. The engine remains 25cc displacement. No attachments are available for this machine, which lists for $95.00. Maybe the increased price is related to the impossibly long model number used.......

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